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About Mr. Soderholm

Welcome to Mr. Soderholm's Psychology Class Page! 
I first realized I wanted to become a teacher when I was a high school student. My mother worked in my high school teaching business and I was able to see first hand the type of impact she had on my classmates. A specific moment sticks out when a classmate sought me out to tell me that my mom changed his life. Seeing his turn around happen before my eyes, I was inspired to make the same difference. 
After that moment I decided to pursue my own educational career. I enrolled at Quinnipiac University and was accepted into their 5 Year MAT Program. During my time at Quinnipiac I became heavily involved in the local educational community. I spent time learning from educators at North Haven Middle School, North Haven High School and Hamden High School. 
After graduating with my Bachelor's in history and Master's in education I spent one year teaching world history and civics at Valley Regional High School. After my year at Valley I was presented the opportunity to return to North Haven High School. I was thrilled with this opportunity because I always felt my heart was in North Haven. 
This was the best decesion I could have ever hoped for. My experience at North Haven High School has been amazing. I currently teach L2, L3 and AP Psychology. I am also involved in several clubs such as Class of 2020, Diversity Club, Debate Club and First Priority.