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Attendance Policy and Course Credit Summary

Please be aware of the following information concerning school attendance. The official policy is available as a PDF

Also, please note that there are two separate parts of the attendance policy: course credit and state truancy calculations.

Absences and Course Credit

a. Students are permitted up to the following number of absences before losing credit in a course. Parent-excused student absences are not removed from the course credit attendance calculations.

Course Credits Maximum Absences Total Class Meetings
          2.0              16              181
          1.0               9               91
          0.5               5               46
         0.25               3               23

 b. Late Arrival/Early Departure - Students missing part of a class due to an approved late arrival or early dismissal must be in class at least 60 minutes to be considered present.


Truancy Law

Written Documentation Requirements for Absences

1. Written documentation must be submitted for each absence within 10 school days of the student's return to school.

2. The first nine 9 days of absence will be excused from truancy calculations, not course credit calculations, upon receipt of a signed note from the student's parent/guardian, a signed note from a school official that spoke in person with the parent/guardian regarding the absence, or a note confirming the absence by the school nurse or by a licensed medical professional, as appropriate.

3. For the student's 10th absence, and all absences thereafter, documentation of the absence must be submitted in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 above, and must also include the reason for the absence and additional information (please see p. 25 of Student Handbook).

4. Neither e-mail nor text message shall serve to satisfy the requirement of written documentation. In rare and extraordinary circumstances, a building administrator may, in his/her own discretion, accept the delivery of written documentation through a scanned copy sent by e-mail.