*Saturday SAT Spring Administration 2023*
North Haven High School is hosting the SAT on Saturday May 6, 2023. The deadline to register for this session is April 7 via CollegeBoard. (Late registration with fees April 25)
Students who are registered will need to bring a Calculator and #2 pencil. They cannot be provided by the school that day. If you have questions, please reach out to Ms. Alessi at [email protected]


Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 had the opportunity to take the PSAT in October.  These scores will be available to students on December 11 through the College Board website.


Accessing Your PSAT Scores

Go to collegeboard.org to sign in to your account.  If you already have an account but cannot remember your username and/or password, do not create a new account.  Use the password reset feature. If you need further assistance, see your counselor.


How to Access PSAT Scores


Understanding Scores Video


Free Personalized Practice on Khan Academy 


Two Ways to Connect:

How can I Link my College Board and Khan Academy® Accounts?

1.   After successfully logging in to your College Board account, you will be asked to
      authorize the account linking.
2.   After clicking "Send," you will be redirected to SAT practice on the
      Khan Academy site.
3.   You can remove the link at any time, by clicking on "Revoke" which is found in
      College Board account settings.

Creating a Khan Academy Account and linking to College Board

Step 1: Log in or create a Khan Academy Account --satpractice.org
Step 2: When prompted; agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board account.
You will then be directed to collegeboard.org.
Step 3: Sign in or create a College Board Account
Step 4: When prompted; hit "Send" to authorize the account linking
Step 5: Start practicing on Official SAT practice on Khan Academy!


Free Practice Tests, Daily Questions:



Sample PSAT 8-9 score report (for students in grade 9).



Sample PSAT/NMSQT score report (for students in grades 10 and 11).



School Day SAT: Juniors will take the SAT in school on March 25, 2020.

Click here for Article Called "Getting to know the SAT".


Math Information:

PSAT - Understanding Your Math Section Score