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Community Service

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Community Service FAQS


Why is community service important for me?


Taking the time to volunteer in helping others is important and essential in building character and compassion.  Equally important, it allows for one to give back to his or her community.  Here at North Haven High School, students must meet minimum community service hour requirements in order to graduate. Currently the requirements vary by grade due to the challenges faces these last few years. Here are those requirements by graduating class:

  • 25 hours for the Class of 2023,
  • 30 hours for the Class of 2024, and
  • 40 hours for the Class of 2025 and beyond.
By participating in this process, students have the tremendous opportunity to help a specific cause, organization, or belief that aims in bettering the world and society.


Where are some places that I can volunteer at if I don't know where to start?


If you do not have a particular community service-based site or organization to begin service, please look at the recommended sites that are listed below.  These sites are located within the North Haven area and offer a variety of community service interests that may serve as a great "starting off point" in beginning your volunteerism journey.


Recommended Community Service Sites       


AIDS Project, New Haven (203)624-0497

American Red Cross (203)787-6721 (press 6)

Animal Haven (203)239-2641

Arden House (203)281-3500

Ben Haven (203)239-6425 ext 19

Downtown Soup Kitchen (203)772-3400

Habitat for Humanity (203)785-0794

Hamden YMCA (203)248-6361

Hospital of St. Raphael (203)789-3480

MADD (203)764-2566

Masonic Home (203)239-9045

Montowese Health Care (203)624-3303

North Haven Comm. Serv. (203)239-5321 ext 780

North Haven Housing Auth. (203)239-7200

North  Haven Library (203)239-5803

North Haven Rotary Club (203)239-2214

North Haven TV (203)234-0025

PTSA, Hamden (203)281-6617

Sleeping Giant State Park (203)789-7498

Yale New Haven Hospital (203)688-2297

Upcoming volunteer opportunities
Listed here you will find the honor societies and their comunity service hours requirement:
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