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Welcome to Mr. O'Brien's English Page!

I use an eBoard which can be found here: http://dobrien.eboard.com
I have been teaching or otherwise involved in public education since August of 1999. 9th grade English, Humanities English 10L4, Science Fiction 12L2/L3, Short Fiction 12L2/L3, and Shakespeare 12L2/L3 are my standard course offerings. I have been teaching at North Haven High School since Fall 2001.
The empowerment offered by a broad and challenging education is a deep, abiding, and personal focus of mine. My mission is to make that understanding infectious. How and why we learn and think is easily as important as what we need to know. 
I'm a big believer in self-discipline and good work habits. I strive to cultivate good listeners and thoughtful writers/speakers. Empathy and respect are essential human characteristics. I believe in actively reading something new and thought-provoking each and every day. I know that reading, thinking, writing, and discussing are the ways that we exercise our minds and become better human beings. And I believe that our perpetual modern engagement with devices and social media platforms weakens our attention spans, our command of formal language conventions, our empathy, and our active social engagement "irl." My work will be to help our students strike a balance with/against these 21st century encroachments.
Please contact me at any time at: obrien.daniel [@] northhavenschools [dot] org