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     Hello and Thank you for visiting my page.  I have been teaching in North Haven since 2003 and I am also the K-12 Health and Physical Education Coordinator.  While at the Elementary Schools your child will have Physical Education K-5 which focuses on movement concepts and skill development.  They will also have Health Conversations during the year.  At the Middle School your child will have P.E. and Health every year.  Once they enter the High School your child will have Health and P.E. Freshman and Sophomore years.  Junior and Senior years they will have an opportunity to pick electives, which focuses on lifelong physical activity.  The Health and P.E. curriculum is aligned with and meets the State required standards. 
      My teaching responsibilities are at the High School and I teach Project Adventure.  I look forward to having you in class.  This is a challenging and rewarding class.  This will test your comfort zone and hopefully challenge you to learn about yourself and how to interact with those around you.  You will get out what you are willing to put into the class.  In addition to taking Project Adventure you will also have Health.  Each class is divided into two groups.  One group will go to Project Adventure while the other goes to Health.  After about 35 mins, you switch classes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 
Thank You