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School Counselors



NHHS Phone Number: 203-239-1641


Miss Ricci Gold, School Counselor, A-CON, Phone Ext. 2807

Miss Samantha Stowe, School Counselor, COP-HOT, Phone Ext. 2804

Mrs. Melissa Chiarelli, School Counselor, HOU-MI, Phone Ext. 2806

Mr. Michael Mirabello, School Counselor, MO-R, Phone Ext. 2808

Mrs. Lisa Egan, School Counselor, S-Z, Phone Ext. 2805

Mrs. Laura Sangster, Coordinator of School Counseling, 9-12, Special Cases, Phone Ext. 2803


Mrs. Melissa Bimonte-Ferrull, Student Services Secretary, Phone Ext. 2801

Mrs. Jennifer Fiore, Student Services Secretary, Phone Ext. 2800


*Please note: School counselors are assigned to students based on their last name and will follow students through all four years at NHHS.